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The Treehouse is proud to feature eco-friendly gifts that are recycled, organic, handmade, or fairly-traded, or a combination of all four.  Please look for our product key in-store, which quickly summarizes each item:

Leaf = Organic These items’ ingredients are grown using organic farming practices.
recycled = Recycled Items have had a previous use: re-design saves them from the landfill and they generally use less energy in production. 
handmade = Handmade Items are produced by hand one at a time.  These items are not mass-produced, and are often produced by a single artisan, whose pieces tend to be slightly different due to their unique nature.
fair trade = Fair Trade Items are produced using the fair trade principles in which producers are paid a fair wage and provided with a decent working environment. (This symbol is used for items which are produced in countries where such practices are not usually the norm.)